Lifestyle 202 – Vanilla Vs. Lifestyle
Presented By Dream Pleasure Tours

So you have been in the lifestyle for awhile think you seen and done everything?  You may be surprised to learn a thing or two that will enhance your lifestyle experience. 

Take this quick test to see if you  Vanilla or Lifestyle (hint if you know what that means than your probably Lifestyle)

1. Is the last thing you do at a party is find your wife’s bra? _________
2. You can’t decide which of your 3 Naughty School Girl outfits to wear to the party?________
3. Do you have a shirt that says ” I like Girls” and your wife has the same shirt?__________
4. Have you ever hugged your Friends goodnight naked?______
5. Do your liquor bottles have numbers on them?_______

If answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you should definitely attend this seminar. If you answered no but wanted to answer yes, yeah, you should join us too.